GPS surveillance: Follow movement

1. Register on the site

2. Download and install the app for Android

3. Add the new device to the site and set its ID and password in the application

4. Keep track of all movements through the site and get notified by email

What is this site an online service for tracking movement through gps / mobile network. With the service, you will be able to secretly / openly follow the movement of the person, identify hazardous / safe area, when visiting a man whom you will be notified at the email. This way you can keep track of their child, their employees and loved ones.

Before you start tracking you need to register on the site, and then under My devices to add a new one. Then you will receive a password and of ID, which must be set in the application settings. The app you can download and install from Google Play, it will transmit it coordinates, which you can view on this site.



Hidden work


The application can be hidden, then it disappears from the list of applications to your launcher. So you can be sure that your child do not accidentally remove the application, and you will always know where he is. And if the device is rebooted, the app itself secretly run after reboot. Also, if it allows the law of your country and / or your legal authority, so that you will be able to secretly monitor the person - the application will act as a gps bug


Secure Zone


When you exit the secure area to you on email, specified when registering on the site will receive a message about it.

Example: your child goes to school which is located on your block to play in your yard - you need all this territory marked as secure as soon as it leaves the child, you will learn about it


Hazardous area


If you get in the danger zone you on email, specified when registering on the site will receive a message about it.

Example: you forbid your child to walk to a nearby construction site - you need to set it as a danger zone, and thus you will know immediately if the child still went out there


Save route


On this site you can see the information on where at the moment is the person with the application installed and enabled. And on the basis of information on its coordinates transmitted built route of movement.


One account for the whole family


You can add tracking three devices with one account, so if you are caring mother, then you just have to register once on the site, and then install the application dad, son and daughter, and keep track of all of them through the site.


The solid savings


In the application there is a lot of unnecessary features, such as chat rooms, so it takes up minimal space on your phone. Works great and bad Internet consumes little traffic, operational phone and charge the battery.


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