How to use the site?

  1. Register on the site, if you have not already done so.
  2. The site, in the section My devices add new.
  3. Download and install the application on the device whose coordinates you want to track.
  4. In the application, set the ID and password from My devices, and other settings, click on Start.
  5. Keep track of all movements on the website, in the section tracking locations .

How to hide the app?

Go to the app and click on the Hide application. The application disappears from the list of applications to your launcher. This may remain the leading labels in the application, you need to remove them samostoyateyalno, in any case, tap on it will not lead to the launch of the application. Also, if you install applications from Google Play, it will still otobrazhtsya in the list of installed applications on Google Play, if you for some reason need to avoid that Download APK from the site and install the APK application samostoyateyalno.

How to display your application?

You need to call but the number that you specified in the settings of the application (by default set to 89,123,456,789) and the application will be launched instead of the ringer.

How to remove hidden application?

A section in the Applications settings on your device either via Google Play.

I have not used the application for more than six months, and now I do not see any data, why?

If the location information is not received within six months, the file with the history is deleted. Alas, but at the moment there is no way to store the entire history, the size is too large.

How many devices can I track online?

Not more than three.

What is the danger zone?

When injected into the danger zone you on email, will receive a message about it. Example: you forbid your child to walk to the nearby construction site - you need to set it as a danger zone, and so you will know immediately if the child still went there.

What is the safe zone?

When you exit the secure area on your email, will receive a message about it. Example: your child goes to a school that is in your quarter, playing in your backyard - you need all this territory marked as secure as soon as it leaves the child, you will receive a message in the email.

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